Webinar Alert: The Way to Research: netTrekker Search & BrainPOP

Wednesday, January 25 4:30PM:

The Way to Research: netTrekker Search & BrainPOP

Thinking about projects tied to Black History Month and Presidents Day? This webinar highlights the power of BrainPOP and netTrekker. See how well the two complement each other and support your students as they work on research projects. You’ll leave wondering how you ever ran your classes before!


  • Adina Popa

    In the “audience,” with the Loudoun crowd. Great job!

  • sierra.richmond

    Thanks for the Info! Our school just got the BrainPop subscription, we’ve had a Nettrekker subscription. This helped me get some ideas on how to use both resources.
    Thanks again!

  • williamdking

    Wow, I really like the idea of Net Trekker. I would like to forward the trial info, and account info to my administration for consideration. I.S.240 has over 40 Smart-Boards and we finally obtain a BrainPop account. Which I have used for two years.

  • kayewhite

    Is this webinar archived? If so, how can I link to it?

  • salpher

    I found the webinar and the netTrekker handouts very helpful. I am beginning to organize my digital resources including a Brainpop video for a unit on citing sources. I also like being able to revisit the webinar in the archives.

  • mcharnell

    This webinar was very informative to see how Common Core Standards can be addressed by utilizing BrainPop and netTrekker. Thanks for all the resources.

  • silvurlightning7

    I liked to see there are different ways that students can conduct research without using the same boring techniques they use year after year. I also found it very helpful to see how you could use BrainPop with the Common Core Standards. This is the first year we have used the Common Core Standards in math.

  • mylamccoy

    The webinar facilitators really did a great job of showing participants ways to make things more interesting for the students. I had not thought about having my students research topics in groups because that could pose so many problems. I was pleased to see, however, that using this as a tool will make that process easier. Also, because my students are already familiar with netTrekker, I would be comfortable trying this process with them. Also, my district will be using the Common Core Standards beginning next school year, so I was grateful to see how the use of BrainPOP aligned nicely with that curricular setup.

  • kristycrawford

    Myla McCoy actually told me about this webinar, and I decided to check it out since our county is adopting the Bring Your Own Technology phenom next year. I plan to organize my students into groups and have them research different regions for social injustice, and I hope I will implement some strategies and ideas I learned here.

  • uncfan1

    Thank you so much for a great webinar that will help me in the future. I really like the netTrekker tool and I know my students will find it to be a useful tool. This webinar helped me find some good resources.