Webinar Alert: Happy New Subscription!

Wednesday January 4, 4:30 pm ET

Happy New Subscription!

Join Andrew Gardner, Manager of BrainPOP Educators, for an overview of everything BrainPOP.  Take a tour through our diverse content and the myriad support features that will help you get the most out of a BrainPOP subscription.


  • klacci77

    I can’t wait to apply all the new info I learned from this webinar in my classroom! The kids are going to LOVE all of the graphic organizers and activities as well as the GAMEUP games!

  • epeters

    I enjoyed the webinar today. Thanks!

  • ccard

    Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try to use the various activities for differentiation after the BrainPop movies.

  • plnaugle

    Hi Andrew,
    I really enjoyed the webinar. Thanks for sharing all of the great resources that are available on BP for educators. I am excited to start using GameUp with my students.

  • janicehauver

    I am going to check out the archived webinar “BrainPop for Media Specialists”. Thanks for helping me.

  • janop

    Very informative -many webinars in the archive that I’m going to check out. Thanks so much.

  • tarabellamy

    I enjoyed the webinar today. I use the video to help my students to relate the information taught in my lessons. I use the certificates for student rewards.

  • sjodle

    I learned how to use the assessment, movies and Core Curriculum. BrainPop is new to me but I am excited to be using it.

  • pixieparadis

    Thank you Andrew! The webinar was very helpful! I am anxious to be able to use it with my students!

  • msywalsh

    I really enjoyed the presentation. I am pretty familiar with Brainpop Jr., but was excited to learn about all the features with Brainpop. I am especially excited to find that I can use Acti-Vote for Promethean board with the video quizzes. I am also interested in the Game Up page.

  • mrsdwalters

    I loved the Webinar! It was very helpful and I can’t wait to use the BrainPOP Educators website!

    I haven’t used the Word Wall yet, but I want to try it out after hearing how much students love this!

    Also, I am excited that there are common core standards I can use on BrainPOP.


  • tarac17

    I Love Movies I can use for learning as well as the games. Thank you for the information!


  • twinsplus@comcast.net

    Your webinar revealed some great resources. The review and applications for each topics will be very handy, and connecting them with standards verifies its use and authenticity. Thanks. Chester Caswell

  • cjamas

    This was my first webinar, and I greatly appreciate the information that was shared. I am anxious to use BP with my classroom and would like a certificate to show my attendance today.

  • lorecastrigano

    The webinar was helpful and I’m sure I’ll use it more and more. Always hoping for more math videos…I teach 4th and 5th grade math….thanks.
    Lore Castrigano

  • davidellis3873

    great seminar. will explore using brain pop more aggresively using your information. suggest you streamline the introduction. and the more times i get to click or post dueing a seminar the ahppier i am!

  • jlsanchez

    Wow, today’s webnair was terrific. I have used brainpop and brainpopjr in my classroom many times, and I didn’t know that one could type on the activity pages! I can’t wait to use gameup. I haven’t used it before. I hope you keep adding new games. It would be nice if every topic had a game.

  • mlouey

    Enjoyed the session and participating in a webinar for the first time. Looking forward to using the BrainPoP Educators site. I have been using BrainPoP for about 4 months and it has been a hit with my Yr 7 & Yr 8 clases. Mainly focusing on the videos and then using the quiz for clarification of concepts and demonstating undestanding. Hoping to make even better use of the BrainPoP in 2012.
    Cheers, Michael.

  • floridasas

    Yeah! I still want to explore and learn more about BrainPOP, but I can get on the educators webpage now. Thanks for the webinar. This is the third one I have tried to attend in order to learn the options I could use to teach one concept. I will go through your archived webinars. Archives was a great idea. Again, thank you.

  • paulroadpanther

    Thank you for a wonderful webinar. I picked up very useful information that I can share with the teachers in my building and use with the students in my lab. I will also tell them about Brainpop Educators.Looking forward to browsing past webinars. Thank you!

  • zxalpha128

    As I prepare to submit a grant to my new public school employer, I’m wondering about the cost of a subscription for my 8 periods of classes: 189 students total.

  • gladi30

    I started using brainpop in my classroom this school year. I am still exploring and we (students and I) are enjoying the video clips tremendously. I just found out about the closed caption feature and I will begin using it. Game up is cool. Thanks.

  • cowboys01

    Hi Andrew! I REALLY enjoyed the Happy New Subscription webinar. I love the Game Up, Pass A Note, Word Wall – all of it!

  • lrfreeling

    I really enjoyed the webinar! I have been using brainpop for years and I would show the video and answer the questions with my children as a recap. Now I know there is so much more to BrainPop.com and I can’t wait to implement in my own classroom! AWESOME!!!

  • cathybreeden

    loved this webinar…..we use the brainpop jr. at my school…the kids love it…and now i have more tips that i can share…thanks so much! Cathy

  • cathybreeden

    I loved the webinar….we use brainpop at school with the kids…they love the videos…but now i have more ideas to share…Thanks again Cathy

  • jeniferw1

    Enjoyed learning about Word Wall especially! I have enjoyed viewing all the archived webinars.

  • joybur3

    I loved the Word Wall and Game Up. The graphic organizers were a great resource as well. Thanks so much for all of the useful information. Loved it! Joyce