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Food Fight Feedback!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Students, teachers, gamers young and old are loving Food Fight, GameUP’s newest offering that explores ecosystems and food chains! We were thrilled to receive this feedback from Ray Hopkin, a 7th grade Literacy, Numeracy, Science and History-Geography teacher from Bliss Carmen Senior Public School in Ontario, Canada, courtesy of For more ideas about using Food Fight at school, or to share some of your own, take a look in our discussion forum!

This is an amazing program where kids get to have a bit of a food fight! Two players pick an animal and they have to create a food web in order for their animal to survive. They can play defensively, by making sure they have enough food for themselves, or they can play more attack minded, by bringing more predators against their opponents, but they have to be very careful. I have had my grade 7 science classes play this and EVERY student loved it! To hear the amount of strategic planning going on is amazing, and the amount of laughter is great. If I was to suggest one thing, and that is the ability for on-line play, as opposed to two players sharing one computer, as I know a lot of my students would love to play this at home against their friends.  I have two students with identified behaviour issues, and they had a game going on between the two of them that was at one point 49 – 51, and they had the whole class watching their game! To see how proud they where, and to hear them ask if we are going to the computer lab to play it again every day since, is fantastic! This is a very, very good site!
Beta Classroom is one of the coolest discoveries I’ve made this year, and I’m so grateful to Jennie Dougherty for creating this fantastic resource. Beta Classroom is a diverse group of teachers interested in testing out new products and sharing feedback from an educators’ perspective. For more information or to get involved, check out