We’ve Got BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. Now What?!

Wednesday, December 7th • 4:30 pm EDT • Duration: 1 hour

Unsure of how to get started with your subscription?  We’re here to help! This webinar guides you through the full range of BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. features, showing you all kinds of ways to integrate them into your curriculum.  You’ll quickly see how our resources can help bring learning to life for your students!


  • sdimas

    I love how user friendly and informative the games are! My students will love it!

  • bsilverm

    I wasn’t familiar with all the basic features of BP last week, but I think the movies are great, graphic organizers too. The comic book feature is nice–I’ll share it with my friend at school who teaches a course on graphic novels. And I don’t teach Social Studies, but the President game you showed is awesome.

  • sharibowers

    I will use the Activotes with quizzes when I use Brainpop to introduce a new topic in health science.

  • gildehausj

    I am excited to use the games and BrainPOP educators page. I have only been showing the movies and now I can use all these other great things with my class. They will love it too. I also can’t wait to share with the 3rd grade teacher that she can use the activ votes. I don’t have those in my room, but she will be thrilled!!! Thanks so much for all this great info. Anything we can do to make education more interactive for our students the better. Thanks for your commitment to education!

  • gumborose

    Great webinar! I took notes to relay to my admin team. I am currently teaching overseas and most of my coworkers are not aware of BrainPOP and how fantastic it is. I previously used BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. in a DeKalb County, GA school. I love that you are adding more features to the site, and I am especially excited about BrainPOP Educators. Thanks again!

  • evanderbeck

    Thank you for Brain Pop I look forward to using your printable graphic organizers!

  • boehmj

    THe webinar was very useful! Thanks. I am looking forward to trying many things with my students. I also need to train my colleagues on using brainpop and brainpopjr in their classes. I am looking forward to learning more about game design

  • debchill

    I am excited about the resources for for me in BP Educators. The IWB resources and graphic organizers will be well-used!

  • ddufau

    I am really excited to share all of the new BrainPOP educator site resources with my colleagues (we have a school-wide subscription). I’m going to start exploring the graphic organizers right away. Thanks!

  • kaitw

    I am just happy to have another resource for mixing things up in the classroom. Thank you guys.

  • lfunicella

    I sure hope this works! I really enjoyed the webinar and look foward to participating in more of them in the future. I was very excited to learn that there was a way to access the standards and how to create graphic organizers. I am looking foward to using these new tools in my classroom.

  • manonlapointe

    Andrew and Annie, I really enjoyed everything you showed me tonight. However, i really liked the fact of being able to look at the standards for any lesson that I would like to do.
    Also, I can’t wait to look at the movies.

    Again thank you.

  • konni_loo

    Enjoyed today’s webinar:) Your hands on approach and user friendly style made it easy for me to understand and see how functional and fun this will be in my classroom-thanks!

  • myramitchell

    This webinar gave a good, brief overall of the site. I was happy to receive information to pass on to my co-workers. I look forward to trying the interactive pages and getting the students on games at home. How often will you offer this introduction course? I would like to encourage others to view.
    Thank you

  • cllong

    Thanks for all the information. I use the videos and quizzes in my Science class as a “hook” and it goes right along with my lessons. Thanks again.

  • annmurray

    I’m excited to have access to the new core curriculum and meaningful resources to support it all in one spot! Although I’ve used Brainpop the last couple of years, it was worthwhile attending the webinar to learn more about what the website has to offer!

  • drassigaouboces.org

    enjoyed learning about the games, haven’t tried them yet….used in pastmainly for Ss. St. and science supplemental. Great ideas! thanks!

  • atripp3938

    I love all of the videos and the games. They really help to make the subjects interesting. Also there are so many other activities to help delve deeper into the subject. I think they will help to make a lasting impression.