Webinar Alert: National STEM Video Game Challenge

National STEM Video Game Challenge With BrainPOP and Gamestar Mechanic

Wednesday, November 16th

4:30 PM EDT

Duration: 1 Hour

From the National STEM Video Game Challenge to ed tech conferences around the country, you’ve heard about the impact of games in education. But what does that impact look like? How do you make them a reality in your classroom? Start with this unique webinar hosted by special guest Katya Hott of Gamestar Mechanic. She’ll take you through the process of working with students as they design their own games, harnessing and strengthening their STEM skills in the process.


  • annie_liz

    I am definitely thinking about starting a gaming club! I can see how having students create games will definitely inspire creativity. I really enjoyed this webinar, and am looking forward to experimenting with gamestar mechanic.

  • kieryan

    This was an interesting Webinar. I enjoyed learning about the STEM Challenge. Gamestar Mechanic might be useful in starting a gaming club at our school. What a fun and interesting way to learn and use the scientific method! Thanks!

  • dck3

    Thank you for an excellent presentation. This really is the way of the future for our children to be able to compete with the rest of the world.
    Debra Knox

  • pswiatek01

    We are starting a new summer enrichment program and I am always looking for things that the students will enjoy and not feel as if they are in school. Will try to set this up and offer it to the Director to see if it can be approved. Thanks! Also, as I teach special education, this might be a great hook to get them learning when they don’t really think the are or that they can.

  • jillcollins

    Wow! Great info! I had no idea this was available! Great way for kids to show knowledge of a topic. I will be using this! Thanks!

  • murfbrain

    Thanks for the session today. Have tried using gaming programs in the past, but time is limited. Will try using GM with my after school tech kids and hopefully hold a game “camp” during the summer.
    Thanks again.

  • sarahbeth104

    I enjoyed this presentation.. As a counselor, I am not sure how much I can use it but maybe I could create a game on conflict resolution, or possibly another curriculum area. I look forward to sharing this with other teachers.

  • Jackelyn

    Thanks for the great webinar. To be honest…i knew nothing about STEM or Gamestar. It just sounded like it would be a fun webinar. I really liked what I learned. I didn’t know you could go to sites and make educational games. Like I posted during the webinar, I think this would be a cool idea to offer up to kids for extra credit. Both strong and weak alike might be able to be successful and have fun doing something educational.

  • andrewg

    For those of you who have more questions about Gamester Mechanic, take a look at their website: gamestarmechanic.com
    Also, Gamestar and BrianPOP hosted RUgame11 on Saturday November 12th. We have great handouts and notes about this game design event for teachers. Take a look here and get started designing games in your classroom! https://sites.google.com/site/rugamebp/links

  • woodyjack812

    I run a club in which I teach students how to help staff and students with their tech problems has they relate to our particular network. Many students think that part of their training will include building or taking apart computers, which we are not allowed to do and about which they are disappointed. I know they will be excited about the challenge of building a game–it’s the first thing all the boys do when on the computers.

    I have seen how engaged students are with games and have toyed with the idea of trying to create one myself but did not know how to start or where. Thanks.

  • stemteacher

    I am really looking forward to using Game Star Mechanic as part of my Community Partnership with Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning. I am hoping they will use our games in their outreach. Thanks for a great presentation!

  • jluciano88

    I really enjoyed getting a stronger understanding of how the creation of game making can really be tied in with science exploration. For someone who was not allowed to play video games,I am greatful to see a strong educational outlet to something I was unfamiliar with.

  • ddufau

    I can’t wait to share what I learned today about all of the new resources with my colleagues. We have a school-wide subscription, so I know I am going to make a lot of people happy when I tell them to check out the new educator’s page. I am going to start using the graphic organizers right away!

  • jeniferw1

    Got great ideas from this webinar. Graphic organizers, gaming club, STEM, etc.