National Game Day

BrainPOP and E-Line Media Celebrate National Game Day

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

On Saturday, November 12th,  BrainPOP and partner E-Line Media celebrated National Gaming Day with RUgame11, an all day professional development event at BrainPOP headquarters in New York City.  Over 30 educators came together for an inspiring day of game design workshops to prepare for the national STEM Video Game Challenge. The day started with a compelling keynote address by Michael Angst, CEO of E-Line Media and game designer extrordinaire “angsty” in the Gamester Mechanic community. The talk explored how game design processes incorporates many concepts underlying science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Angsty also called for adding an A (for Arts) and changing the acronym from STEM to STEAM!

Everyone at the workshop developed concrete design skills by building physical and digital games.  By the end of the day, teachers were pumped to bring new ideas to the classroom! Doreen said, “(before today) I really knew absolutely nothing about making games, but now I’m super excited about sharing this with my students!”  To read more about the workshop, check out the website here.

Though BrainPOP had to limit the number of educators with us on Saturday,  there is no limit to the number  who can join us this Wednesday at 4:30 PM EST, for the BrainPOP and Gamestar Mechanic webinar! Tune in to learn about the STEM video game challenge and how to use the resources of BrianPOP and Gamestar Mechanic together to make a winning game!

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