Webinar Alert: EdWeb Presents: Games and Social Learning

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EdWeb: Games Created Social Learning Opportunities for Students
Tuesday, October 25
4:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Do you think students learn through observing the behaviors and activities of others? Do you believe that peer support can lead to increased learning outcomes? In our next webinar, Snehal Patel, CEO of Sokikom, will explore how the growth and availability of the Internet over the past decade has allowed learning to become a lot more social. Patel will also share how two of today’s educational games—Xenos and Sokikom— leverage this social layer in ways that enhance and improve learning with students working collaboratively to achieve objectives. Join Snehal Patel for an interactive, one-hour webinar on Tuesday, October 25 for a look at how social learning games allow students to learn from one another.

  • minkyuso

    Um.. It was very interesting topic since I am studying in an educational course and it was fresh since I have not encountered the Game-based learning, moreover it was my first time to experience to have a webinar on the Brainpop. I hope I could attend the next webinar and once again learn a lot of things. :)

  • jeniferw1

    Very interesting topic. Social Learning Games will be something new to try.