Webinar Alert: Navigating the Writing Process with Kerpoof and BrainPOP

Navigating the Writing Process with Kerpoof and BrainPOP
Wednesday, October 19
6:30 PM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Teaching writing skills can be a challenge for many teachers. But in this webinar, Devren Hobbs, Education Manager at Kerpoof, and Jessica Storer, Manager of Education Outreach at BrainPOP, show you that it doesn’t have to be that way. They’ll demonstrate how easy it is to use Kerpoof and BrainPOP to bring digital storytelling into your curriculum. Devren and Jessica will cover some of the creative and engaging ways you can help students brainstorm, compose and publish stories online, and reinforce their writing skills overall. Take home a whole new batch of strategies for writing instruction.

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  • http://kcdcomputers.blogspot.com/ Liz Andrews

    I combine Kerpoof and BrainPOP ALL the time!! Here are some of the lessons I have taught this year so far…

    • andrewg

      Hi Liz, terrific lessons! Neat to see how the tools were used across disciplines: math, social studies and science, and grade levels. Also, the clean layout of your lesson plans make them really easy to read. Thanks for sharing!

      • http://kcdcomputers.blogspot.com/ Liz Andrews

        Thanks! I actually hosted a BrainPOP webinar a while ago on how I combine BrainPOP & Kerpoof!
        “Combining Art & Technology to Go Beyond BrainPOP — January 2011”

        I also hosted “Kid-Created Projects with BrainPOP —
        April 2010 — Part 1&2” a while ago – where I show how the students create their own BrainPOP video, and how we use Kerpoof to create the artwork!

        Liz Gatewood Andrews

  • arlene.garcia

    Thank you for a great Webinar. It was very informative. BrainPop & BrainPop Jr are new to our school and I am excited to learn all about it so that I can train the teachers to use BrainPop Jr in their lesson plans. I am already making plans to use BrainPop Jr writing process and Kerpoof in my computer classes 3rd grade through 6th grade. Any ideas I can get are welcomed. I just did a lesson on writing a sequence paper or “how to paper” using Kidspiration in my computer class and will now extend the lesson to include the brainpop video. Thank you for all the information.

  • fenicchian

    Thanks for the great webinar. I learned about BrainPOP for the first time and got to see some great Kerpoof activities too.

    • potrancok

      This was my first time too. I am so excited can hardly wait to navigate site and discored webinars offered.

  • delucad222

    Kerpoof story maker is a fun way for students to practice sequencing in an interactive way..This will be a big hit in my classroom once the students are inroduced to it and become familiar with it = )

  • pswiatek01

    I am always learning something new on this site – now can’t wait to try Kerpoof! I think my group is going to love it. Thank you!

  • kacito-tanig

    I highly enjoyed the lesson ideas and the combining of Kerpoof and brainpop. I am so glad to see all of the extras being added to brainpop, such as the lessons, graphic organizers and the games. High quality work!

  • hdonegan

    I have been using Brainpop Jr for a few years now and love it! The students also love it and learn so much. This webinar got me excited to start using Kerpoof also. So excited I found out about the webinar!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  • cothompson1

    Thanks so much for the wonderful Webinar yesterday. I can’t wait to put these two fabulous program to work together.

  • kgravelle

    A few teachers at my school were experimenting with kerpoof and this gave me some great ideas on how to start using it with my students, too. My goal for this year is to integrate more technology into my instruction, so I am grateful for both of these resources and the ideas on how to use them!

  • 3rdgradeecs

    Loved the webinar last night…lots of great ideas. I’m all geared up for next week to introduce Kerpoof’s “Make a Picture” alongside Brainpop as a way to brainstorm for a Halloween creative writing activity. My 3rd graders are going to love it (as does my 4th grade daughter who just ate it up after I introduced it to her tonight!)

  • cothompson1

    Thank you so much for this wonderful webinar. I also appreciate you sending the link via email so that I can share it with colleagues. Our fourth grade teachers are starting a Folk Tale unit. I can’t wait to work with them on developing a writing lesson using BrainPop movies and the Kerpoof movie maker.

  • jpeters62

    Had not thought about combining these two great tools! Our school has BrainPop & Jr access; students in grades 4-8 have Kerpoof accounts. Can’t wait to share this great idea with our classroom teachers as they plan curricular projects.

  • mrsjsks

    It was a very good webinar. One of the questions was how to move students from grade to grade? A way around that is to use the year they graduate the school and you will not have to move anyone around or recreate any accounts.

  • zteacher

    I enjoyed the Webinar, and look forward to new ways to use BP & Jr. in future game based & project based units!

  • pbraun

    I enjoyed the webinar and am now trying to create a few lessons to coincide with our District’s focus on Writer’s Workshop.

    Well Done!!!

  • sccselementaryteachers

    This is my second year using Brainpopjr and Brainpop in my Technology classes at the Elementary School. The webinar was very useful because I learned to give better use to the “pause” button while watching the videos, for a reflection moment with students and make the class more participatory.
    On the other hand, I think Ker-poof is great and I’m ready to start using it.

  • cjadam

    Two great tools. I’m putting them to use in my lesson plans this week. We will use Kerpoof to sequence the carving of our pumpkins and we will use Brain Pop Jr. to learn about the sequence process. Thanks for the information.

  • bwagle

    I never knew about Kerpoof. I cannot wait to share it with the other teachers.
    Thank you

  • mmartinjmt

    Great webinar! I am already using Kerpoof with my kids in the classroom, but I’m looking forward to combining it with BrainPop to create better stories!

  • jdurheim

    I’m already a Kerpoof user and my students LOVE it! Thanks for all the helpful tips on using Kerpoof! I think I’m looking forward to giving my students accounts this year.

  • nhoang

    Was not able to watch webinar in real time but watched it on weekend. Excellent review of brain pop features and very nice introduction to kerpoof. I am excited to use it for prewriting state, in particular, outlines for writing stories and for sequencing. Will be setting up class account shortly.

  • kristineblackwell

    I have several advanced K students who need more challenges. This would be a great enrichment opportunity to help them develop better writing and comprehension skill. I think this will be a big hit.

  • dj4412

    Great webinar. I plan on using the story section with grades 2 and 3 to accomplish several content standards. This webinar answered a lot of my questions! Thanks!

  • kristycrawford

    I have been playing around with using Kerpoof and photostory for the past few weeks to create World Lanugage children’s stories with my sophomores. I really appreciate having this program in my aresenal. :)

  • fabiolal

    I really enjoyed getting to learn about Kerpoof! I love teaching writing and really like having new ideas on how to spark student interest in this area. I love having access to a student gallery and I know my kids will really enjoy getting to use it and learn more about it. I will def. use the story telling: making your own movie and videos. I will also be sure to use brainpop as a frequent resource and allow my students access at home!

  • bestmdbcoach

    Just watched the webinar and i had never heard of Kerpoof before. I’m so glad I watched this webinar as a science teacher this is a great way to incorporate the common core standards for language arts/writing into my content. I plan on using the story book and movie maker to have students show their understanding of different science proccesses such as the water cycle to explain different concepts.