Webinar Alert: Fall Into Learning With netTrekker Search and BrainPOP

Fall Into Learning With netTrekker Search and BrainPOP
Wednesday, September 28
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

We’ll show you how netTrekker and BrainPOP can help you pinpoint the most engaging lesson ideas and resources for an array of fall-themed projects. Using the search and collection features of netTrekker with the high quality and humorous content on BrainPOP, you can curate your students online experience to be most effective and efficient!

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  • leanneterry

    I really enjoyed learning about the connection between NetTrekker and BrainPop. I’m excited about creating folders in NetTrekker for student research. That will really help with my elementary students.

  • mpdecorah

    Really enjoyed the webinar. But I am curious about netTrekker. Is it possible for students to have a log-in and complete assignments online? I am thinking if they miss school, can they see the teacher’s lesson? Thanks :)

  • swest326

    My district has subscriptions to both netTrekker and BrainPop, and while I use the BrainPop videos regularly in my classroom instruction, I really have not used netTrekker at all because I didn’t know how to use it. I am now so excited because this webinar gave me great insight on netTrekker’s features and how well netTrekker and BrainPop are aligned.

    In the past, planning a lesson would take me quite some time because I would first search BrainPop for videos that would relate. Then I would painstakingly search through Google, teachertube, scholastic, etc. for other relevant resources. The problem with that is that many of the resources I found were either not appropriate or not useful. I am so excited that using netTrekker, I can not only search for resources in one spot, but I can save them, organize them and feel assured that they will be both useful and appropriate for my students.

  • msbott2011

    I was interested to hear about the netTrekker service and all it has to offer. My confusion is that if it’s something for teachers or for students as well. It seems like it would be wonderful for students to have one place to access all that information.