Newest Advisor: Dr. Henry Adam

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

At BrainPOP we update the site with new movies, quizzes, games and teaching materials all the time.  To ensure that everything we release is of the highest quality, we call on our esteemed education advisors for their guidance and wisdom.  Today we welcome the newest member of our BrainPOP advisory board,  former Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Dr. Henry Adam.  Dr. Adam has an impressive bio that you can read here.
BrainPOP educators recently contacted Dr. Adam to hear his thoughts about his newest appointment here at BrainPOP.  He writes, “As a pediatrician I’ve been trained to believe that prevention trumps treatment, and prevention of course depends on education. My work both as a clinician with patients and their families, and as an academic with students and house staff has largely been focused on education.  So joining BrainPOP seems natural for me.”  Well said doc!
We are honored to have Dr. Adam join our board, and we look forward to receiving his guidance as we develop more health related content.