Webinar Alert: Take BrainPOP Beyond the Desktop

Wednesday, September 21
6:30 PM EST

Duration 1 hour

Go mobile with BrainPOP! Special guest host Tammie Mihet, a Florida teacher, shows you creative ways to use work our Featured Movie app into your day. Whether you use the app in Chrome, on an HP TouchPad, or on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you’ll pick up great integration ideas, lesson plans, resources, and more.

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  • prince_j_l

    Thanks for the great ideas. I will definitely be using the grammar scavenger hunt idea.

  • barnetc

    This was really interesting! I’ve been away from teaching on leave for the last 3 years so I’m busy learning about all the new technology. We have a building account and I love Brain Pop Jr. for my third graders. I think I’ll look into the app for current events and show the movies if they are appropriate for younger students. We do Scholastic News and this would be a great addition too! Thanks Brain Pop!

  • applemontessori

    That was a great and informative seminar thanks.

  • msbott2011

    I was thankful for the extra advice on how to use the grammar videos in different ways. I will be trying the scavenger hunt very soon.

  • Ms. Kelly Sunday

    It seems like all kids have a way to access Apps whether it is from their own device or a parent’s device. I think having them one day a week discussing a Spotlight BrainPop is a good idea to keep the kids discussing topics and using the technology that is so prevalent to our students. They want to be on the technology, so why not let them do some homework on it and it allows the parents to see some of the things we do in the classroom. I love the part about the premade graphic organizers. I will be downloading those and putting them on my SmartBoard for my students and i to use and discuss with!

  • jeniferw1

    Scavenger hunt idea was valuable. Great ideas, since kids have access to a wide variety of technology today.

  • mylamccoy

    Because the school district where I teach will be implementing a BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) initiative next year, teachers will have to come up with useful ways to integrate technology into their lessons. I really like the idea of the Scavenger Hunt and the Spotlight BrainPOP. Those two ideas, used for individual assigments or given as group work, will really get the students’ minds going. Students will become a huge part of their own educational successes through the use of technology. Thank you for the information!