December Curricular Tie-Ins

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Keep this list of BrainPOP movies handy, and check our online Curriculum Calendar for additional tie-ins.

♦ December 1: Each year on this day, World AIDS Day commemorates the toll this global epidemic has taken. Talk about it with our AIDS movie. Also, Roll your dreidels, light your menorahs. Hanukkah begins tonight at sundown. Teach students about the Festival of Lights with our BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. movies on Winter Holidays.

♦ December 7: On the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, start a discussion with our World War II movie.

♦ December 10: It’s a busy day! Show our movie on early computer programmer
Ada Lovelace
and celebrate her birthday. On Human Rights Day, show our movie on activist
Eleanor Roosevelt.  And, win big when you show our movie about the
Nobel Prize, awarded today in Sweden.

♦ December 14: Be cool! Introduce the class to the frigid continent of Antarctica with our movie on the South Pole, reached by Roald Amundsen on this date in 1911.

♦ December 15: Talk about the first 10 amendments to the U.S. constitution, which officially took effect today in 1791. Our Bill of Rights movie is a great resource. For K-3, there’s a relevant George Washington movie.

December 16: Before there were tea partiers, there were … tea partiers! It’s the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party (1773); load our American Revolution movie.

December 17: It’s music to your ears. Show our Ludwig van Beethoven movie on the German composer’s birthday.

December 18: Today marks International Migrants Day. Discuss related issues with our movie on Immigration.

December 21: Explain why today’s the shortest of the year with our Solstice and Equinox and Seasons movies. K-3 teachers, take advantage of our Winter and Seasons movies.

December 25 & 26: Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa to those who observe. Spent some time with our Winter Holidays movies, both on BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.

December 27: Thanks to chemist Louis Pasteur, born on this date in 1822, a lot of things are a lot safer to eat. Find out more about his groundbreaking work with our Pasteurization movie.

December 31: Wrap up 2010 on New Year’s Eve with another showing of our Winter Holiday movies on
and BrainPOP Jr.

January 1: Welcome, 2011! Get the new year off to a great start with our New Year’s movie.

January 2: Here’s a weird idea … on National Science Fiction Day, show our Frankenstein, Roald Dahl, and Kurt Vonnegut movies.

January 4: Thank him for calculus. And telescopes. And the laws of motion. On the famed physicist’s birthday, our Isaac Newton movie tells you everything you need to know.

January 5: A bird in the hand … it’s National Bird Day. Show our aptly themed Birds movie and discuss our fine feathered friends.