Webinar Alert: Game Design 101

Game Design 101: An Introduction for Teachers
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
4:30 PM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Join us today for this special webinar on game design, part of our ongoing efforts to support contestants in the National STEM Video Game Competiton. Micahel Angst, president of E-Line Media, one of the contest’s organizers, takes a look at the basics of game design and provides inside scoop on the competition. Sherri Wright, a game design expert from the Learning Games Network, shares her insider’s perspective on topics like prototype development, play testing, and documentation. We’ll also explore the pivotal role of teachers in winning game designs, and touch on popular game development tools like Scratch, StarLogo, Alice, Kodu, and GameStar Mechanic.

RSVP: http://gamedesign101.eventbrite.com/

  • http://www.yorkschools.org/~elawson Eric Lawson

    Some good information! I was hoping to see some more game design for higher elementary students (grades 3 and 4), but I will check out all of the links and start our own competition.

  • Lisa Altman

    Please send me a certificate

  • Debbie Ivey

    Great session – I hope to find time to try introduce with some of my 5th graders – maybe not for a competition this year, but I think it would be very engaging and relatable lessons for my students

  • Rita Hennessey

    Today’s Game Design 101 webinar was really helpful – I do not play video games myself, much less create them, but some my students are so eager to enter this contest!
    Thanks again for the webinar.
    Also, thanks in advance for the certificate.

  • Vicky Stockton

    Greetings ~

    This is my second~ever webinar!

    Wow, I continue to be amazed.

    While I am far (several decades) from being DFL, and out of the running for DSL already, I am certainly shooting for D5L.

    Thanks for the offer of a certificate. Kindly send the participation cert info to both addresses below:

    I also participated in the webinar last Wednesday (10 November 2010 – my first-ever!). If you would like to send participation certificates for both webinars in one mailing, that would be fine.

    Again, many thanks. I look forward to sharing this info with my colleagues.

    Your ever-learning newest and strongest advocate –


  • http://creed@rcps.info Carolyn Reed

    Thanks for the introduction to game design. I am starting Gamestar today. I am excited to see what the students come up with.

    Please send me a certificate to creed@rcps.info

    Carolyn Reed

  • sergio

    very good teaching my son has been wanting to be a game creator so i showed him this

  • http://hillcrest.kusd.edu Paul Boyer

    I missed the webinar due to the flu, but I picked it up from the archives. It was very helpful in terms of getting a firm foundation under my feet for use of gaming in STEM education. I started working with my students in GameMaker when the challenge was introduced, and I’ve marveled at the systems thinking development they’ve been going through (in spite of themselves!). What a way to learn!!

    I’ve also found GameStar Mechanics to be a wondrous resource, but my district blocks access to it because it has “game” in the URL. How frustrating.

    Could I still get a certificate? Thanks!

  • Maureen Jasovsky

    I missed the webinar and I was wondering if I can access the workshop from the archives. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I am interested in learning about Gamestar Mechanics.


  • allisyn

    Hey Maureen. Yes! You can access this webinar in our Archives:


  • halleck

    I just happened to be adding a Brain Pop link to the District website and found this webinar. What a wonderful resource for teachers and students. I have looked into Scratch for students in grades 4 and 5. I taught technology K-5 for 11 years and nothing excites them more than game design. Thank you!

  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators allisyn

    So glad you discovered the webinar! Please keep us posted on the work you’re doing with your students, and check out stemchallenge.org for details on the National STEM Video Game Challenge!

  • msclafani

    Great session – I think it would be very engaging and relatable lessons for my students.