I just came across this great tweet, Thirty Interesting Ways & Tips to use Twitter in the Classroom, by Tom Barrett, and am a tiny bit sad that I’m not in a classroom anymore to try these ideas out! We had a really cool “twitterview,” or interview over twitter, between a 3rd grade class and @annieandmoby and @timandmoby, where students prepared questions to ask the characters on BrainPOP. It was a great success!

Are you following @annieandmoby and @timandmoby? How are you using twitter in your classroom? Please share ideas below!

  • Dorie Glynn

    I love that googledoc by Tom Barrett. That is one of the ways that I got started last year. I have a second grade bilingual math/science classroom. Last year we connected with other classrooms around the world. My students posted about what they were learning, asked other classrooms to post survey results to compare, shared pictures of our inquiry based learning in our butterfly garden that we planted, compared time zones between Houston, TX, and Australia, used twitter to find a classroom to video skype, and used twitter to connect with @annieandmoby and @timandmoby!! My students love posting to twitter and sharing with others!!

    Here are some great links to find other teachers/classrooms using twitter: created by Lee Kolbert

    I look forward to using twitter in my classroom again next year. I hope you will try it as well.

    Dorie Glynn @doriedance

  • Allisyn Levy

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and those great resources, Dorie! Any interest in co-hosting a webinar on using twitter in the classroom? I love that your 2nd graders were connecting all over the world in such interesting ways. Who knew there are so many possibilities!?

    What else are teachers doing with twitter? Continue the conversation!

  • Dorie Glynn

    That would be great, Allisyn! I’d love to! Thanks! I know teachers will be hooked once they see the possibilities. I was!

  • Dr. Kari Stubbs

    This is a powerful set of resources! Thanks so much for sharing. It is exciting to see the many uses of this online collaboration tool!