Webinar Alert: POV of a New Subscriber

BrainPOP Educators: POV of a New Subscriber
Wednesday, June 9
4:30 PM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

This webinar looks at BrainPOP through the eyes of a brand new subscriber. We will be joined by 2nd grade teacher Sharon Moriber, who shares her experiences as a new BrainPOP user and the ways she was able to use BrainPOP Educators to easily integrate BrainPOP into her curriculum.

RSVP: http://povnewsubscriber.eventbrite.com

  • Ann and David Kasch

    Great training. Many tools available for training on the educators page. I really like the fact that standards are attached so we can curriculum map a little more quickly and effectively.

  • http://espana2000@cox.net Kathy Andreozzi

    This webinar was great. Very informative and I learned alot. I use brainpop in the classroom to reinforce my lessons. My students love it. I am teaching summer school and will definitely use brain pop for my students.

  • http://egordon2.edublogs.org/ Ellen Gordon

    Thanks for the informative webinar! I look forward to planning lessons that span the week rather than just a one-sit viewing. I have used the activities for homework and partner work, and have definitely use multiple viewings of each movie in order for my students to gather specific information but I want to do a better job correlating with my units and incorporating BrainPOP into lessons rather that it be the entire lesson for that day. I think BrainPOP has tremendous power to engage students… why not capitalize on that for extended lessons rather than just one?!?! Thanks again for your wonderful resource!

  • Sam Carter

    Awesome webinar! I found especially valuable the resources availble in Brainpop Jr. I’ll use this frequently with my special needs students this upcoming school year. Thanks!