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I spent last weekend with an amazing group of teachers in Florida. Though they were already using BrainPOP with their students, many of them were not aware of our FYI feature — filled with fun, high interest reading and a comic to delve deeper into our topics. Gary Barone, a BrainPOP Educator from Mercer Island, WA, shared the following, which seems to capture the experience of many educators:
I learned about the FYI portion of the Brainpop movies. I think for too long I had depended on just the movie and quiz portions. I had no idea about how the FYI gives students or even a teacher a chance to expand on the subject movie for the concept. OF course now I can check with the Educators portion to share this information or how I even used it in the classroom.

Have you checked out the FYI? How will you use it with your students? Please post comments below!

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