Guest Blogger: Grant Writing Tips

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Times are tough — especially with budget cuts in education. I am excited to feature one of our BrainPOP Election Lesson Plan Winners as today’s guest blogger. Peggy is a Gifted & Talented teacher at Mina Elementary in Bastrop, TX. She’s written and received two grants, and was kind enough to share some tips with us! Please add on to these by commenting below if you have some grant writing tips of your own to share.

*The more students who will be impacted, the better.

*Innovative and creativity helps

*Backing up what you say in the grant is really important.   This goes to figures and/or information that proves there is a need.  I  have used BrainPOP in the past a lot for Science.  So, I used that as a huge part of my approach. I found some articles written about how weak our schools are in the area of
Science, therefore showing a need for new programs and approaches.

*I found two teachers on our campus who were spending their own money on BrainPOP for classroom access.  One of the first grade teachers had a great lesson plan she had already used with BrainPOP and shared that with me.  Then I added that to the grant proposal.

*I always try and get someone to proof read before I submit.

Good Luck!  Peggy

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