Quiz Paper!

Thanks to Erin Kearny, who shared this great way for kids to track their answers when taking BrainPOP Quizzes:

I use this so that my students can record their quiz answers individually or in pairs/groups. Sometimes they are graded, other times they are just to give students or myself an idea of their comprehension. I have also used BrainPOP movies as stations in my class where partners go to learn more and record their quiz scores as proof of understanding.

Thanks so much for sharing, Erin! You can download BrainPOP Quiz Paper and other cool Graphic Organizers in Classroom Tools. You can also print the quizzes out directly from BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. for each movie, of course.

What are you doing in your classroom with BrainPOP? Please post below!

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  • http://www.maxclassonline.net Robert Miller

    I used this for the first time Monday after showing the Parts of Speech movie to the class… what a quick and easy way this was to pinpoint those students who didn’t grasp the difference between a direct object and indirect object (remember those?).

    I am using idea of leaving copies close by at a computer station… saves the student effort of running to a networked printer for an individualized sheet…. and multiple students can take a quiz together saving time. Students lock in their answers and then majority rules on which choice to choose to move on to the next question. Just remind your students to keep the cheers and jeers down as they take their quizzes together!

  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators Richard Linville

    Before showing a BrainPOP movie to my class, I print out two of the BrainPOP quizzes that relate to our current studies such as Darwin and Natural Selection.

    Using scissors, I then cut out the answers but leave the questions. To save paper, I print one quiz on the front and the other quiz on the back. In class, I pass out the questions without the answers to each student. Next I choose one student to run the computer and projector while I wander around the classroom checking work. I have a student select the BrainPOP movie and turn on the closed caption. Sometimes I project the movie without sound and have the students take turns reading the closed captions. As needed, I ask the one student to pause the movie for any discussion, questions or rewinds. During and after the movie, you can have the students fill in their answers or else at the end of the movie select the Review Quiz and go over the answers with the whole class. In 50 minutes it is possible to do two BrainPOP movies and quizzes. As students leave the room, I collect their work.