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September 2017 Webinar Images - Newsela Alert

BrainPOP and Newsela: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together W/ CBE Cathie Gillner (45 min)
Wednesday, September 27 at 6:30 pm ET

We’ve joined forces with Newsela! Join us as we showcase the powerful pairing of BrainPOP’s content and Newsela’s leveled news articles, including classroom tips from Cathie Gillner, who’s both a Certified BrainPOP Educator and Newsela Certified Educator. We’ll talk about the benefits of different certification processes designed to help you get the most out of each product.

Ideal For: Teachers of Grades 3+

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August 2017 Webinar Images - New BrainPOP Jr. Alert

Explain, Play, and Create with BrainPOP Jr. (45 min)
Wednesday, October 4 at 3:30 pm ET

Take a tour of BrainPOP Jr. and get to know the different ways you can work it into your everyday curriculum. Covering hundreds of cross-curricular topics, our K-3 resource offers multiple channels for reinforcing lessons, including gameplay and concept mapping. From the basic to the more complex, we’ll show you the ins and outs so you can jump right in with your students.

Ideal For: Teachers of Grades K-3
Password: moby

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October 2017 Webinar Images - Make Science POP Alert

Make Science POP for Middle & High School Students W/ CBE Amanda Pierman
Wednesday, October 11 at 4:00 pm ET

Amanda Pierman, a Florida-based science teacher and Certified BrainPOP Educator, hosts this webinar highlighting the ways BrainPOP can unpack complex science concepts while enriching learning. Additionally, she’ll share tips, learning games, and other multimedia tools to boost excitement within upper level science classes.

Ideal For: Middle School and High School Teachers
Event Password: moby

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BrainPOP Tools for Teachers
Wednesday, October 18 at 4:00 pm ET

Keep track of student progress, create custom quizzes, assign activities, and more! Join us as we explore the powerful teacher tools available through My BrainPOP.  We’ll cover the ins and outs so you’re all set to get up and running with your classes.

Ideal For: All
Event Password: moby

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October 2017 Webinar Images - Game Design With the Game Jam Guide Alert

Game Design With the Game Jam Guide
Wednesday, October 25 at 4:00 pm ET

Certified BrainPOP Educator Matt Farber along with Alex Fleming (MOUSE) and our own Kevin Miklasz, PhD host this webinar on game design via the Game Jam Guide, which they co-edited. Hear about the Games for Change events that inspired this practical how-to resource for educators and learn how to run your own jams after school or in class.  

Ideal For: All
Event Password: moby

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