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Originally Recorded June 2014

With this webinar for teachers of grades K-3 and ELLs, we’re shining the spotlight on BrainPOP Jr., our K-3 resource, and BrainPOP ESL, our award-winning English language learning program. Take a close-up look at the interactive features these two products offer, and discuss best practices for integrating them into your curriculum. You’ll leave the webinar armed with tips and tricks for supporting both young students and ELLs in your class.

  • Sharyl Skoog

    I was glad to learn more about the Brainpop Jr. app. I really liked the fact that anything that is hovered over is read aloud. That will be such a wonderful help to my struggling readers. I also liked that the quizzes are scored as the 1st time taken, but students are allowed to retest so they can see improvement. I am glad to know there is a Brainpop ESL. That is another great tool to use for teaching.

  • Suzanne Hill

    Brainpop has a strong impact on my young learners. I use Brainpop movies as “hooks” to introduce new concepts, and then use “Game Up” as closure activities to reinforce the new concepts presented. My students are eager learners when Annie and Moby facilitate the lesson!

  • susan soliman

    This is another excellent Brainpop webinar. I’ll will be incorporating the quizzes in the next school year. The ESL will also be useful for our community. It’s a great way to include children.