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Learn how to get started with “My BrainPOP,” our newest feature that allow you to track student progress.  Then hear from special guest Joe Vincente – a 10th-grade chemistry teacher at New York City’s Eastside Community School. Joe exemplifies the concept of the flipped classroom, having students watch BrainPOP movies and take quizzes as homework, then answering their questions and letting them work on projects during class. Please note, the webinar features a tool that is available only to those with 24/7 school-wide access to BrainPOP.

This video was originally recorded in December 2013

  • kwambaugh

    I love the idea of more time in the classroom for hands-on work with the topic and completing practice items together. Joe’s webpage with direct links to the brainpop quiz for each item was a great idea as well.

  • kwambaugh

    May I request a certificate for watching this webinar?

  • kwambaugh

    Will you send my certificate for watching this webinar?

  • Julie Shields

    This feature allows the teacher to set up their class list of students and students will be able to watch Brain Pop movies and take quizzes. Teachers are able to track students progress through My BrainPOP. I would use this resource as a whole group teaching tool. Then as a class, we could discuss( in small groups) and answer the questions on the quizzes. I could then use the movie and quiz as a station in my classroom. This would work best for my Kindergarten grade level.

  • bob

    What a great webinar. This feature is awesome for my students to have access to BrainPOP movies and quizzes.

  • Debbie

    Great webinar. I look forward to using BrainPop more for individual student assignments as a way to help them take more control and responsibility of their own learning.