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Originally Recorded February 2014

Some call it the “flipped” classroom with “blended” learning, others call it good instruction that takes advantage of modern technology and media. Either way, join POPstar Lisa Parisi for an interactive webinar illustrating how to facilitate project-based learning by adjusting your instructional strategies and approach to educational content.

Flipped Classrooms and Project-based Learning


  • juneakers

    Love that the teacher can look at the quizzes that were taken! Also, love that she can see how many times they took it and things that they highlighted or did as they were taking the quiz. Love that you can also comment and send it back to the student. Very cool! Please send a certificate for PD file.

  • ernestolara113

    I have been thinking of flipping my math class. I never given much thought to flipping history or science. Lisa has shown me how to use Brain Pop to flip my those subjects rather easily. I don’t have to record my lessons because Brain Pop has already done that for me. I am also very interested in looking at Newsela.com. I like how they have created different reading levels on the same article without changing the content of the article. The next video I need to watch is the one on the Brain Pop mixer. I’m looking forward to that! Please send me a professional development certificate!

  • bmoon

    I teach in a very rural community and most of my students do not have internet access at home. I would love to integrate this type of learning, but know the challenges I would face. I’m also having trouble figuring out how to us the My Brainpop. Is there another webinar that you could recommend?

  • Judy Hayes

    I learned a great deal from this webinar. I am excited to go to NewsELA and I want to see if I can set up a class page in Brainpop next school year.

  • lbuettner

    enjoyed the webinar

  • Jennifer R

    I am excited to try out Newsela.

  • Kevin Malady

    I enjoyed this webinar immensely. With so many schools in our area adding 1:1 programs this helped alot. I have a question about trying to do assessments online in relation to flipped classrooms. I’ve seen a few things out there that can make quizzes but does anyone have any experience with good online assessment program that can be used in a flipped classroom?