BrainPOP Jr. Lessons organized by Topic.

-ful and -less

Be thoughtful! Learn about the suffixes -ful and -less.

Adjectives and Adverbs

What is small and green! Learn about adjectives and adverbs.

Allen Say

Go on a journey with Allen Say! Learn about this Japanese-American author and illustrator.

Author's Purpose

Figuring out the author’s purpose is as easy as PIE!

Book Reports

What's your favorite book? Learn how to share your thoughts about a book.

Bossy R

The bossy “r” strikes again! Discover how this one letter has the power to change the sound of the vowel it follows!

Capital and Lowercase

Find out when you should use a capital or a lowercase letter.

Cause and Effect

What can cause a vase to break? Explore causes and effects as you read.


How are the words "chain" and "Chicago" alike? Explore the "ch" sound.


Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Explore characters and their traits.

Choosing a Book

Learn how to choose a book that's not too easy or too hard, but just right!

Commas with Adjectives and Lists

The big, silly robot hops! Use commas to separate adjectives or items in a list.

Commas with Clauses

Comma down! Explore clauses, and learn how to use commas with them!

Compare and Contrast

How are dolphins and sharks alike? How are they different? Learn how to compare and contrast!

Compound Words

Pancakes or oatmeal? Learn about compound words.

Concept Maps

Learn about how concept maps can help organize your thoughts and ideas!


I can't wait to watch this movie! Learn how to use contractions.

Cynthia Rylant

What inspired her stories? Learn about this author's life and work.

Eloise Greenfield

Learn how Eloise Greenfield uses rhythm to make her poems and stories come alive.

Facts and Opinions

What’s your favorite animal? Learn about facts and opinions!


Eat a pair of pears! Explore homonyms, homographs, and homophones.

How-To Essay

Explore the writing process and learn how to write a how-to essay!

Jon Scieszka

Learn how this author rewrites folktales from a different point of view.


Borrow a book! Learn how to find, check out, and return materials at the library!

Listening and Speaking

Listen up! Speak up! Learn how to communicate your thoughts clearly.

Long A

How are the words "pail" and "shade" alike? Learn about the long "a" sound.

Long E

What do the words “bean” and “queen” have in common? They have the long “e” sound!

Long I

How are the words “bike,” “pie,” and “night” alike? Learn about the long “i” sound!

Long U

How are words “cute,” “tune,” “fruit,” and “moon” alike? They all have the long “u” sound!

Main Idea

Hey, what’s the big idea? Learn how to find the main idea in a story.

Make Inferences

Learn to observe and find clues that can help you figure out a writer’s message.

Make Predictions

What happens next? Learn to use clues to make predictions as you read.


Is it a person, animal, place, thing, or idea? Nouns are all around us!

Pat Mora

Experience joy and gratitude with Pat Mora! Learn about this bilingual author and her books and poems.


The plot thickens! Explore how characters face and solve problems.

Plural Nouns

Moby sees one mouse, and Annie sees two mice! Explore plural nouns.


Explore shape, acrostic, and rebus poems. Learn how to write a haiku!

Possessive Nouns

Moby uses Mia's camera to photograph a birds' nest. Explore possessive nouns.


Review and replay this movie if prefixes are unclear!

Reading Nonfiction

Explore the parts of a nonfiction book, from the table of contents to the index.

Rhyming Words

It's rhyme time! Use word families to help you read, write, and spell.

Sending a Letter

Let's be pen pals! Learn to write and send friendly letters and business letters.


What happens first, second, and last? Learn about the order of events.


How might a story that takes place in a big, dark forest make you feel?

Short Story

Do you have a story idea? Learn how to write, revise, and edit your short stories.

Short Vowels

How are the words "cat" and "hen" alike? Watch the movie to find out!

Silent E

Kit or kite? Find out how to pronounce words that have a silent "e."


Moby is hungry like a wolf! Learn how similes make comparisons.

Subject and Verb Agreement

Make them agree! Learn how to match subjects and verbs in a sentence.

Synonyms and Antonyms

Big and small, short and tall! Explore words with the same or opposite meanings.


Moby beeped yesterday. Explore the past, present, and future tenses.

th, sh, and wh

The sixth sheep is sick! Explore words with the "th," "sh," and "wh" sounds.


Learn how to find the theme of a story!

Types of Sentences

Cool! Explore statements, questions, exclamations, and commands.

Using Adjectives to Compare

Moby is the silliest robot in school! Learn how to use adjectives to compare.


Run, skip, and hop! Explore verbs and learn to avoid sentence fragments.

Writing a Paragraph

Explore the writing process! Learn how to write a strong paragraph.

Writing About Yourself

Do you keep a journal? Explore how to communicate your feelings and ideas.

Writing with the Senses

The warm chocolate cake is gooey and sweet! Use the senses as you write.