BrainPOP Games organized by Subject.

Addition Blocks

Test your addition skills and speed! Destroy falling sum blocks by clicking on connected digit blocks. Add fast, or the sum blocks will stack up!

Area Builder

Create shapes using colorful blocks and explore the perimeter and area. Play the game to build shapes or find the area of funky figures!

Battleship Numberline

Collect stars and explode paper ships by estimating their position on a number line. This game is used for educational research. Small aspects of gameplay will vary.

Cat Insanity

Explore the basics of credit and debt with this free financial game where you feed cute, hungry cats. But watch out—they multiply quickly!

Graphing Lines

Explore the world of lines. Investigate the relationships between linear equations, slope, and graphs. Challenge yourself in the line game!

Lost at the Forever Mine

You just crash-landed on an abandoned mining planet! Use mathematical models to predict how to escape before time—and fuel—run out.

Money Magic

Help ambitious magician Enzo manage his budget, reach his savings goal, and take his show to Vegas!

Monster School Bus

Combine little monsters to make as few trips as possible as you drive around the neighborhood on your monster school bus!

Multiplication Blocks

Test your speed and skills! Click on connected factor blocks to destroy the falling product block. Think quickly, or time will run out!

Pearl Diver

Navigate the number line while diving amidst sunken ruins. Will you find a pearl or an old boot? Watch out for the electric eel!

Ratio Rumble

The battle is on in this ratio-building game. Out-compete your opponents by making powerful potions.

Shady Sam

Learn the hidden “tricks of the loan trade” as you play the role of a loan shark and try to maximize your profits.

Teachley Add & Subtract

Help the Addimals and Subtractimals save their world by using smart math strategies!

Teachley Mt. Multiplis

Help Linka earn gems by using smart multiplication strategies!