In this modified Word Map/Frayer Model activity, students choose one of the designated vocabulary words to explain and illustrate.
1. Hand out a 4-square graphic organizer with the instructions in each quadrant. Alternatively, write the instructions on the board. Have the students fold a page into fourths, and number and label each quadrant per your instructions. Students choose one of the designated words, and write it as the title of the page. Suggested instructions for the four quadrants are:
a. Draw something that illustrates this word for you.
b. What is an example of this word?
c. Use the word in a sentence.
d. Define the word in your own words.
4.  After students have completed their word maps (for classwork or homework), seat them in groups of four and number off.
5. They then tear or cut their Word Maps into the four sections, and pass all the #1 sections to the #1 student in the group, etc. Each student will have 4 sections of the same quadrant (1, 2, 3, or 4).
6. Give them time to go over the four answers they have, and come up with a summary of that particular quadrant. Students can choose the example they like the best, and also summarize what they all have in common.
7. Have all #1s from each group then share their summaries with the class.
8. Repeat with #s 2-4.