Read the movie description that appears below the movie player on the Women’s Suffrage Topic Page. Then use the following prompts to encourage class discussion before, during, and after watching the movie.


Before the Movie


Why is voting so important?

When do you think women got the right to vote?


During the Movie (Pause Points)


Stop at the following times in the movie and ask questions or prompt a discussion to keep students focused and to assess their understanding before moving on:


Timecode 1:03: Why might land-owners so often be the ones who had the vote?

Timecode 1:43: What else about working outside the home could have expanded women’s horizons?

Timecode 1:59: How can conventions bring powerful change for political movements?

Timecode 2:55: What was the benefit of uniting to fight only for the vote, before all other issues?

Timecode 3:48: How might women’s war work have changed public opinion about suffrage?


After the Movie


Do you think Suffragists would feel women now have equality? Why or why not?


*BrainPOP’s Discussion Questions and Prompts align to CCSS Speaking and Listening Standards.