Total Physical Response (TPR) activities are great to do with beginning language learners since students are able to demonstrate understanding of language before they’re able to produce it.

Here are some TPR activities we recommend for use with BrainPOP ELL:

Find and Point
Ask students to point to the image, object, or word you name.

Find and Hide
While the class closes their eyes, call on students to take the images/objects you name and hide them.

Find and Bring Back
Ask different students to search for and retrieve the hidden words.

Hot and Cold
Ask one student to close his eyes or step outside, as another student hides the word you name. As the first student searches, the class chants the name of the object loudly if he gets close to the hidden word, and softly if he goes farther away. In this modified “Hot and Cold” game, all students are actively participating and internalizing the new words.