Every BrainPOP Jr. topic page has a Read About It page which corresponds with the movie. Here are some fun and creative ways you can use this tool with children:

KWL Chart: Find one of our Read About It book recommendations in your school or local library and read it prior to introducing the movie to your class. Then create a KWL chart to record what students already know and what they want to know. Show the BrainPOP Jr. movie and allow students to explore the related features, then complete the “L” portion of the chart to record what students have learned.

Picture Walk: Show the pictures in one of the Read About It books to your class. Invite students to put their own words to the story, predict what will happen next, and/or summarize the main ideas.

Graphic Organizers: Use one of the many graphic organizers available through BrainPOP Educators to help students understand and retain the information they learn from the Read About It book choices.

Books for Home: Click the printer icon and select “Save as PDF” from your printing options. Share the PDF with students and their families by uploading it to your class blog or attaching it to an email, and encourage students to visit their local library to check out our book recommendations.