Choose from the following questions to create an informal assessment after students have played the Time Zone X Game. You may want to have students respond in writing via their journals or other reflection tool, or have students talk about their answers in a group.

  1. What strategies did you use when deciding where to place each event?
  2. How did you decide where to place the event when your first guess was incorrect?
  3. Which events were the most difficult to place? Why?
  4. When you unlocked a second deck, what clues did you use to place the cards from the second deck into the cards you’d already placed?
  5. If you could create an additional event to include in the game, what would it be, and where on the timeline would it be placed?
  6. What other decks could possibly be included in this game? How would those decks relate to the existing decks?

You might also have students respond orally or in writing to the following prompt: “Playing the Time Zone X game helped me learn/understand…”

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