Use these Slice Fractions: School Edition Teaching Strategies to integrate game play into your classroom and into discussion!

Numbers will appear gradually, about 30 levels in. This is intentional, as multiple play tests in classrooms have shown that most students between ages 7 and 11 need that time to get accustomed to the numerical representation of fractions. The early levels are still full of learning opportunities as students are introduced to concepts such as even splitting (CCSS 2.G.A.2 and 2.G.A.3).

This version of Slice Fractions featured in GameUp has 35 levels in a linear sequence, broken into 7 concepts:

  • learn the basic game mechanics
  • split groups into equal shares
  • slice shapes (the whole) into equal shares
  • symbolic notation: shapes can be compared to a common whole
  • symbolic notation: upper symbols count equal parts
  • transition from symbolic notation to numerical notation
  • numerical notation: how to use the denominator

You can download the printable game guide to learn more about each level.