Sequence Challenges ask students to put information or events from a BrainPOP movie in order.  

Here are some ideas for making the most of this activity:

  • Assess prior knowledge. Have students complete the Challenge tasks before watching the movie to assess prior knowledge of the topic. Observe as they complete the Sequence task, and adjust your teaching to their needs accordingly.
  • Watch the movie first. Students watch the BrainPOP movie before completing the associated Challenges. After watching once through, invite students to watch again within the Make-a-Map feature. As they watch, have them use Make-a-Map’s sequence template to create a sequence of events. Later, they can use their concept map for support to complete the sequence Challenge task.
  • Draw. Some Challenge sequence tasks ask students to put items in size order. It may help students to draw the items first, then use their drawings to complete the sequence Challenge task.
  • Play Time Zone X. If the topic includes a Time Zone X game, encourage students to  play the game before doing the Challenge tasks.
  • Use as a springboard for discussion. Challenge tasks are intended to encourage students to think holistically and consider how concepts within a topic are interrelated. Have a class discussion by asking the following about the Sequence Challenge task: Why do you think these events (or information) are included in the Challenge. What does this sequence have to do with what you’re studying? What strategies did you use when deciding on what order to put things in? Which events (or information) did you find most challenging to place and why?
  • Use as a cooperative learning activity. Invite students to work collaboratively with a partner or group and explain to each other their thinking as they select where to place each event (or information).
  • Create an offline Sequence Challenge task. Have small groups create an offline sequence task Challenge based on the same topic. First, they identify a sequence from the movie not covered in the online Challenge task. Then they write down the events or information on index cards. Finally, they shuffle the cards and challenge another group to put the cards in order. See Time Zone X Design Your Own Game for help creating this kind of game.
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