Before the Movie

Why do you know about September 11?

How does the anniversary of 9/11 make you feel?

During the Movie (Pause Points)

Stop at the following times in the movie and ask questions or prompt a discussion to keep students focused and to assess their understanding before moving on:

Timecode 1:02: What do you think it must have been like to witness a plane flying into a building?

Timecode 2:53: Discuss the heroic act of the passengers taking over the airplane from the hijackers in Pennsylvania. Why did they do it?

Timecode 4:35: How did the United States respond to 9/11?

Timecode 5:13: What are some ways people helped out relatives and friends of victims?

After the Movie

How can we honor and remember the victims of  9/11?

What questions do you have about 9/11?


BrainPOP recommends reading  the movie description that appears on the September 11th Topic Page to your class. Then show the movie once through without pausing. Watch it again, this time using the discussion prompts.

*BrainPOP’s Discussion Questions and Prompts align to CCSS Speaking and Listening Standards.

Lesson Plan Common Core State Standards Alignments