Say Something allows students to stop and think about what they read in a reading passage, or saw in a BrainPOP ELL movie. They may say anything they want – make a prediction, ask a question, make a connection to their lives, clarify something confusing, give examples, etc. For movies, pause at various points for students to react and Say Something to their partners. For reading, follow the example below.
1. Students take turns reading.
2. Student A reads a certain amount (a sentence / some sentences / a paragraph), and then Student B says something about it. It can be a question, a summary, an example, a connection to his/her own life, etc.
3. The students switch and Student B reads.

Write Something is similar to the Say Something strategy, but students write their thoughts instead of talking about them.
1. Partners take turns reading out loud.
2. The teacher or the students determine where to pause to write something about what they read.
3. They may write a brief summary, an opinion, a question, a connection they make to their own lives, or anything that they notice.
4. After both partners have written their comments, they share them with each other and discuss what they wrote.
5. Then they return to the reading until they reach the next stopping point, and repeat the procedure