Puppy adventure is a game where players guide Pixel the puppy home by solving a series of programming puzzles.  Students solve each puzzle by programming Pixel to reach the goal using the provided visual code blocks. The puzzles are designed to teach students the basics of computer programming such as  sequencing, repetition, and conditional logic.

To solve a puzzle, students must connect the visual code blocks in the right order. For example, if they need to move 2 spaces, they may need to connect two ‘Run’ blocks one after the other. Avoid the obstacles and stay on the path to reach the goal.

There can be many correct solutions to a problem, but students are encouraged to solve the puzzles using the least (or optimal) number of blocks.

Each puzzle has several hints available.  Each time you click the Hints button, you will see a different hint. You can access answer keys for each puzzle by visiting the Tynker Support Page: Hour of Code.

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