For students who may find it challenging to complete the Multiple Response task,  try these tips and strategies:

  • Model how to do the Challenge Task. Model how to select one of the correct answers, thinking aloud your steps and strategies. Then have volunteers identify the rest of the correct answers, also thinking aloud as they decide.  
  • Frontload Academic Language. Academic language can be challenging for ELLs and others. Before students do the Multiple Response task, ensure that they understand the meaning of the vocabulary, explicitly teaching the definitions if necessary
  • Academic Language Word Wall. Students will encounter the same and similar academic language across multiple topics throughout the Challenge tasks. Create a class academic word wall for students to add to whenever they encounter similar language. For example, for the phrase contributed to, you may have the following in the word wall: added to, included, played a role in, participated in, supported, influenced, impacted, caused.
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