Achieving High Scores in the Microbes Game:

Levels have no time limit, but the faster a player completes each task, the higher the score will be. Players can replay levels to earn more points and improve their high score.

Matching the Cells in the Microbes Game:

The learner’s challenge is to click on matching pairs of microbes. Let students know there are certain attributes they should look at to find which cells will match one another. Each single-cell microbe can be identified by these four attributes:

  • The shape of its nucleus

  • The color of its nucleus

  • The pattern of its cytoplasm

  • The color of its cell membrane

Accuracy is Important in the Microbes Game:

To match microbes, students click on them, which colors each microbe with a special dye. When two matching microbes are marked, they disappear from the slide. If a player runs out of dye before finding all of the matching microbes, the level ends, and no points are awarded. Encourage students to consider carefully before clicking on a microbe, so they don’t run out of dye! However, they can try the level again as many times as needed to complete the task.