Following are tips, strategies, and reminders to support students as they play The Meaning of Beep.  Remind students of these tips before they play, and again as needed while playing.


  • All Guesses and Picks should make sense in all sentences in a round.
  • Guesses can be phrases. For example, “run away” or “look over.”
  • Look for clues in the sentence that are hints to the missing word’s part of speech or tense.
  • Try speaking the sentences out loud with words you’re thinking about using.

Picking and Super Picking

  • No points are earned for receiving Picks. Points are earned for picking a correct word.
  • If two players guess the same word that you want to pick, you can choose either one.
  • Incorrect Super Picks costs points. Only use the Super Pick option if you are certain of your choice.


  • Don’t be afraid to use Hints! Selecting a correct Hint earns you a point, while making an incorrect guess earns you nothing.
  • Once you unlock Hints, you cannot Super Pick

Tallying/Round Results

  • Correct Guesses and correct Picks earn points.
  • If you think of a word that works, but wasn’t counted as correct, congratulations! It means you’ve outsmarted the game! That is more impressive than just winning!
  • The maximum you can earn in a single round is 9 points.


  • Multiplayer games require a My BrainPOP account and players need to be in the same class.
  • Using text-to-speech is helpful for ELs and other students who may require support.
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