LEA is a reading/writing activity based on a shared experience.  Usually it’s about something like a field trip, but in BrainPOP ELL, it can be the shared experience of watching the movie together. The students retell the story of the movie in their own words. It is then used as a reading/writing/grammar activity. Motivation is high, since students are reading their own words.

1. After viewing the movie, use the Language Experience Approach to retell the story.
2. Students retell the events of the movie and the teacher writes them down on the board or on chart paper. Do not correct their mistakes; write the sentences just as they are dictated by the students.
3. Once the story is complete, read it with the class, eliciting corrections, re-ordering the sequence, choosing different vocabulary words, etc.
4. The story can be read multiple times.
5. Students can copy the passage into their notebooks.