There are three sections of the Jelly Bean game: counting, number sense, and math facts. Within each section of the game, there are three levels:


Level 1: Type in the number of jelly beans

Level 2: Basic addition and subtraction with beans

Level 3: Counting arrays of jelly beans (addition and subtraction with multiple digits)

Number Sense:

Level 1: Choose the larger group of jelly beans

Level 2: Estimate the number of jelly beans

Level 3: More difficult combination of levels 1 and 2

Math Facts

Level 1: Addition and subtraction with numbers and beans

Level 2: Addition and subtraction to “Make 10”

Level 3: A mix of slightly harder problems

You can provide differentiated game play opportunities by assigning specific levels to specific students or groups of students.

You can support struggling learners by clicking the clock in the main menu to turn off the timer. This will allow students to focus on the math concepts rather than how much time they have left.