Before the Movie:

What do you think makes a species invasive? (Tap prior knowledge, Make predictions)

What local plant or animal do you think may be invasive? (Tap prior knowledge


During the Movie (Pause Points):

Stop at the following times in the movie and ask questions or prompt a discussion to keep students focused and to assess their understanding before moving on:

Timecode 2:14: How might Burmese pythons destabilize the predator/prey relationship in Florida’s ecosystem? (Identify cause/effect; Identify main idea and key details)

Timecode 4:46: How would decreased biodiversity make an ecosystem less stable? (Identify cause/effect)

Timecode 6:00: How can the presence of an invasive species lead to extinction? (Identify cause/effect)


After the Movie:

Look at the four related movies at the bottom of the page. Explain how each is connected to the Invasive Species topic. (Make connections)

How can you determine if a species is native or invasive to a region? (Reflect)


BrainPOP recommends reading the movie description that appears on the Invasive Species Topic Page to your class. Then show the movie once through without pausing.  Watch it again, this time using the discussion prompts.

*BrainPOP’s Discussion Questions and Prompts align to CCSS Speaking and Listening Standard