Follow these steps for getting started with Flap to the Future:

1) Use the arrow keys to control your movements as the earthbound dinosaur Tawa.

2) Use the “w” key to jump over obstacles.

3) Explore the prehistoric world to find 14 eggs. Each egg counts as one “evolution” and represents thousands of generations of evolutionary change.

4) Complete the level to unlock a new flight adaptation and learn about its significance.

5) Play through two more levels (Microraptor the winged dinosaur, and American Robin the modern bird) to unlock the deep future where you set the strength of each adaptation before you play.


TEACHERS ONLY:  Type “birdsrule” to win levels without earning all the eggs by pressing the “a” key. Avoid doing this “cheat” with students around, since it also unlocks other developer tools which may be distracting.

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