What is Fill in the Sentence and Why is it Important?  

Objective: Students will read with purpose, completing sentences by dragging and dropping correct phrases or vocabulary to blank spots.  

Fill in the Sentence, or Cloze, is a reading comprehension activity in which vocabulary or concepts are missing from a text, requiring students to apply their background knowledge and use context clues to accurately complete a sentence. Fill in the sentence activities simultaneously build comprehension and strengthen vocabulary skills.  

Fill in the Sentence is suitable at all grade levels and across the curriculum. In science and social studies and science, this type of activity is an effective way to assess students’ understanding of content-specific vocabulary, as well as key concepts. In English, students demonstrate their understanding of a text as well as their knowledge of basic and high frequency vocabulary. The key to its effectiveness is that the passage must be at a student’s reading level.  

Related BrainPOP Features

BrainPOP offers a couple features for practicing Fill in the Sentence:

  • Meaning of Beep: In this interactive “fill in the sentence” game, students use context clues and what they know about a topic to figure out the meaning of “Beep,” a placeholder for the real word.   
  • Quill: This proofreading game invites students to fix the errors in a reading passage. Like a “fill in the sentence,” activity, students use context clues and what they know to make the correction.
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