The Fill in the Sentence Challenge builds comprehension and strengthens vocabulary by having students use context clues and what they learned to drag and drop words and phrases to correctly complete sentence. Here are some ideas for making the most of this auto-graded activity:

  • Assess prior knowledge. Have students complete the Challenge before watching the movie to assess prior knowledge of the topic. Observe as they complete the Challenge, and adjust your teaching to their needs accordingly.
  • Watch the movie first. Students watch the BrainPOP movie before completing the associated Challenge. In this way, the Challenge can serve as an assessment of what they learned about the topic.
  • Use as a cooperative learning activity. Invite students to work collaboratively with a partner or group and explain to each other their thinking as they select what word or phrase to drag into a space.
  • Create a Fill-in-the-Blank Challenge Task. Have students create a Fill in the Space Challenge Task using a paragraph or section of an Related Reading from the topic. Have them print out the Related Reading they choose, and put tape over or ink out certain key words. Then have them challenge a partner to figure out the missing words.  


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