Fill in the Sentence Challenges offer an opportunity for ELLs and other students to apply their understanding of the new vocabulary. To support them, you can pre-teach or review the words in the word bank. Prepare students for the Challenge by creating scaffolded activities such as a matching exercise using words in the word bank. Have them match the target words to synonyms, simple definitions, examples, or even to images.

Preview the Challenge sentences students are to complete. Identify words that will be difficult for ELLs and others. Consider rewriting the sentences offline, with simpler phrasing. Then have students complete this new version of the Challenge offline.

Following are examples of the tips suggested above using examples from the Fill in the Sentence Challenge feature in the Martin Luther King, Jr. topic.

Word Bank Match
Match the words in the two columns:


Cloze Sentences

  1. Martin Luther King was a church _____________. That helped him speak with ________________ when he gave speeches.
  2. In the North, black people and white people weren’t separated in places like schools or on buses. But in the South, there was ________________. Black people were separated.
  3. King organized a ______________ of buses in Montgomery, Alabama. He told people not to ride the buses. This was an example of his belief in __________________.
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