Grade Levels: K-3

These family and homeschool activities are designed to complement the Long U topic page on BrainPOP Jr.

I Spy Long “U”
While you’re out and about—or at home—play a version of “I Spy” featuring items that make the long “u” sound. You can go first by giving clues about something you see that makes the long “u” sound, such as a cube, juice, or something blue. Once your child guesses correctly, have them “spy” something with the long “u” for you to guess.  


Long “U” Story or Poem
With your child, write a story or poem featuring words with the long “u” sound. You can include characters whose names have a long “u” sound. If you decide to write a poem, watch the Rhyming Words movie first. If you write a story, watch the Short Story movie. Invite your child to illustrate the poem or story, highlighting the long “u” words. Finally have them present it by either reading it aloud or acting it out for friends and family members.  


Long “U” at Home
Give your child sticky notes to label things in your home that feature the long “u” sound, such as juice, glue, and shoes. Sound the word out together and help your child spell the word. Then, reverse the activity by providing your child with a sticky note already labeled with an item. Challenge them to read the word aloud and then find the item in your home.