Have your students signed up for individual accounts? If you have a school-wide subscription to BrainPOP, students will be able to use our SnapThought ® tool to play Meaning of Beep.

The SnapThought tool allows students to capture meaningful moments in their game play with opportunities for brief written reflection. Once students are logged in, the SnapThought tool will appear below any games that offer this capability.

During game play, students can click the SnapThought tool up to five times per game. A thumbnail, or “snapshot” is generated and stored on the bottom left of the screen.  At any point in the game, students can click their snapshot(s), type a brief reflection, which may be a response to an open-ended prompt, and save or submit to the teacher’s account for you to review and respond to.

You can use the SnapThought tool to facilitate discussion around game play and strategies, or have students submit their snapshots to you for assessment or accountability. Here are a few ideas and prompts for using the SnapThought tool with Digital Compass.

  • Take a snapshot before making a decision that you are not confident in. Write down 1-2 sentences to describe how you feel and why this is a tough decision.
  • Take a snapshot during a decision where you think there is another option that your character can take. What is that option and what do you think will happen as a result?
  • Take a snapshot during a scene that you recognize has happened to you in the past. Describe the scene and what you did to resolve the issue.
  • Take a snapshot after making a decision and the result is not what you expected. Using your own words, what did you expect would happen after your decision.
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