Dig it Teaching Strategies include exposing students to related fractions concepts, essential questions, and tips for successful game play.

Exposing Students to Related Concepts:

Students can be exposed to fractions in a variety of contexts, and it’s important to emphasize their usefulness by referencing fractions in daily conversation. Expose your students to common phrases that involve fractions, such as “halfway home” and “quarter to seven.”

Exploring Essential Questions:

Encourage students to reflect on these questions before, during, and after game play:

  • How can fractions be expressed, ordered, and compared?
  • How is adding and subtracting fractions different and similar from working with whole numbers?

Several Tips for Successful Gameplay:

Students need to understand improper and equivalent fractions to be successful at this game. For instance, it will be helpful to realize that 7/4 is equal to 1.75, which occurs just to the left of 2 on the number line, and students must realize that 9/3 is equal to 3/1 and that both occur at 3 on the number line.