Do your students have individual accounts?  If you have a school-wide subscription to BrainPOP, students will be able to use our SnapThought ® tool to play Community in Crisis.

The SnapThought tool allows students to capture meaningful moments in their game play with opportunities for brief written reflection. Once students are logged in, the SnapThought tool will appear below any games that offer this capability.

During game play, students can click the SnapThought tool up to five times. A thumbnail, or “snapshot” is generated and stored on the bottom left of the screen.  At any point in the game, students can click their snapshot(s), type a brief reflection, which may be a response to an open-ended prompt, and save or submit to the teacher’s account for you to review and respond to.

You can use the SnapThought tool to facilitate discussion around game play and strategies, or have students submit their snapshots to you for assessment or accountability. Here are a few ideas and prompts for using the SnapThought tool in Community in Crisis.

“Not It” SnapThought Prompts

  • What was the first impression the staff had of Herb? What did they think
    was his problem? Take a snapshot and type your response.
  • What excuse did the staff give for not taking on Herb as a client? Why
    wasn’t Herb taken seriously? Take a snapshot and type your response.
  • Take a snapshot of any dialogue you don’t understand. Write a line or two explaining what you could do to help yourself figure out the meaning of what is being said.
  • What did you decide about how to handle the Herb situation? Why? Take a snapshot and explain.

“Trust Me” SnapThought Prompts

  • Why did the staff think there was a security problem at the Center? What accusation did Pierre make? How did he want to improve security at the Center? Take a snapshot and type your answer.
  • Why was Clive against the use of a security guard? Take a snapshot and identify evidence to support your response.
  • How might new security measures affect the Center’s youth population, according to Clive? Take a snapshot and identify the main idea of what Clive explains.
  • Why was the sign-in sheet the best option for keeping the Center safe. Take a snapshot and make an inference.


Lesson Plan Common Core State Standards Alignments