Allotting Students Time for Branches of Power:

Branches of Power social studies game takes approximately 30-40 minutes to play. NOTE: Once the game officially after 30 minutes, learners will have the option to choose to continue playing for fun and no score.

Individual or Paired Play in Branches of Power:

This game is best experienced in a multi-computer classroom or computer lab. Learners can work individually or with partners.

Explaining the Values in Branches of Power:

One of the key components of this game is teaching learners that legislators have different values that shape bills. Citizens also have values they believe in, and these affect whom they vote for in elections. The six values in this game are:

1. Liberty: People have the freedom to do things that they want to do
2. Equality: Everyone is treated fairly and has an equal chance
3. Competition: People are encouraged to compete to succeed
4. Cooperation: People are encouraged to work together to get things done
5. Cost Saving: The government is not spending a lot of money
6. Generosity: The government is providing large benefits or services to citizens

The values were designed to oppose each other, typically in the following way: liberty vs. equality, competition vs. cooperation, and cost saving vs. generosity. If learners want a particularly hard challenge and bonus points(!), they can choose conflicting values for their Legislator.