This game helps students see how the branches of power are interrelated. Use the following questions to spark discussion on the Branches of Power game as to what students learned about the legislative system:

  • What did you learn about how the government works?

  • What surprised you about the way laws are passed?

  • Did this game change how you view the government? In what ways?

  • Think about what you learned about how the branches interact with one another. If you could summarize this in one word, what would it be?

  • Who had the power in the game? Explain.

  • Which role did you like playing the best? Why?

  • If you could change something about how laws are made, what would it be?

  • Which issues did you choose?

  • Which was your best issue tower?

  • Is there an issue in the game that you would be interested in learning more about? Which one, and why?

  • How do you think students can take this game and apply it real life?

  • After a law is made, do you know who would be responsible for carrying out the policies in it?